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The old-school ways of consuming cannabis flower, by smoking a joint or hitting on a bong, are still popular methods of medicating. However, if you’re wanting a healthy method that’s not only easier on your lungs, but also more efficient at extraction of the full spectrum of cannabinoids, then a Dry Herb Vaporizer is exactly what you need! Other benefits include: better taste, less noticeable smell, more discreet, easier to dose, and more. At Lord Vaper Pens, we have Dry Herb Vaporizers that fit every budget, and with all of the features that you want in a high-quality product.

Shopping at Lord Vaper is easy on your wallet – bundle one of our Dry Herb Vaporizers with any of our premium Flower products, and you’ll get extra savings, and also rewarded with our redeemable Vaper Points. So, get to it, and make your bundle!

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