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The Chief “War Drum” 2-in-1 Vaporizer

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Chuck Billy, lead-singer of Testament, brings you his 2nd-generation Signature Series vaporizer, so named The Chief War Drum! This elegantly-designed, artistically-refined 2-in-1 vaporizer has all the features you’d expect in a high-quality product that’s built for battle! A few of the key features are: 1) easy access heating chamber, utilizing a convenient magnetic connection, so there’s nothing to wear and crack over time; 2) five perfectly-optimized temperatures to achieve either maximum flavor and vaporization, or elevated temperature for the concentrates; 3) a standard 18650 battery that’s easy to access for serviceability, or when you need extra batteries for trips away from a charging source; 4) a completely-isolated airflow to achieve the greatest purity of taste and flavor, bypassing any path within the unit that might pickup electronic smell; 5) cleaning and maintenance is a snap, since the mouthpiece easily disassembles for a quick soak in Isopropyl Alcohol; and 6) a custom-designed, soft-shell carry case to keep everything together and protected from the environment.


The Chief War Drum sports an elegant, ergonomic design that fits easily in the palm of your hand, enabling a mode of total discretion for those sessions when you need to be. The Chief War Drum delivers a sense of luxury and quality, with its strong zinc-alloy constructed body – no plastic parts allowed in this high-quality vaporizer! The mouthpiece body also extends the feeling of strength and quality, with its cast metal design and borosilicate glass mouthpiece, which is virtually-indestructible!

The Chief War Drum is not only for your aromatic blend enjoyment, but you can also insert the included stainless-steel Pod to enjoy your favorite wax or concentrate. With dual-functionality for both aromatic blends and concentrates, and its rock-solid design, Chuck expects you’ll be banging on his War Drum for years to come!

Cosmetic Models at a Discount!

We have a number of War Drums that have cosmetic factory defects that we’re selling at a discount. These are fully-functional, brand-new units, they just have cosmetic defects (scratches, dimples, etc). A picture of the two types can be viewed by choosing the Style option above.


Chuck Billy The Chief of Thrash merchandise collection

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BONUS: With every purchase, you’ll receive a Collector’s Trading card personally autographed by Chuck Billy!

Chuck Billy personally autographed trading card



▪ Fast 20-30 second heat-up time
▪ Five (5) optimized temperature settings:
• 350°F (176°C)
• 365°F (185°C)
• 380°F (193°C)
• 400°F (204°C)
• 420°F (215°C)
▪ Elegant ergonomic design that’s extremely-comfortable in the palm of your hand
▪ High-quality, built-to-last zinc-alloy case construction
▪ Isolated air path for the absolute cleanest taste
▪ High-capacity (3200mAh) replaceable 18650 battery -> ~10 sessions per charge
▪ Custom Native American ‘blood red’ borosilicate glass mouthpiece with magnetic base
▪ Wax/concentrate Pod is included that easily drops directly into the heating chamber
▪ Quality-backed one year workmanship warranty



Top-shelf Construction

The War Drum is constructed from strong, tough, durable zinc-alloy. This unit is built like a tank to withstand years of enjoyment! Once you get the War Drum into your hands, you’ll immediately get the sense of its high-quality, premium feel.

Temperature Control

The War Drum is operated with a single button, which allows you to adjust the temperature and to switch the device on and off. The War Drum offers five preset temperatures (350°F – 420°F / 176°C – 215°C). Each temperature ​setting is displayed by the five ​LED lights ​located on the side of the unit. When one light is blinking, it is heating up to the lowest temperature. When the light turns solid, it has reached that temperature. The higher four temperatures work in the same way. The lower three temperatures deliver more flavor, still vaporizing the important chemical compounds, while the higher two temperatures give you more robust vapor density (and also good for vaping concentrates).

To adjust the temperature (while the unit is turned on), simply hold the power button for longer than two (2) seconds and you’ll notice that the next higher LED will start blinking. When you reach the desired temperature, simply release the power button, and the unit will heat to the temperature. When reaching the highest temperature, continuing to hold the power button will return the power setting back to the lowest temperature.

Mouthpiece Construction

The War Drum’s mouthpiece is constructed of a three-part base: 1) the actual base piece with two powerful magnets to hold it securely in the unit; 2) a silicon seal that holds the replaceable screen; and 3) a custom Native American ‘blood red’ glass mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is not only easy to get on and off, but also it’s easy to take apart for thorough cleaning. A quick soak in Isopropyl Alcohol, for no more than one (1) hour, is a great way to keep the unit clean of any material buildup.

Chuck Billy The Chief War Drum mouthpiece


Isolated Airflow

In order to provide the purest, cleanest flavor during the pull/draw, we designed the War Drum with a completely-isolated airflow, pulling air into the heating chamber strictly from external air. This avoids the mixing of internal electronics heat dissipation or smell that is evident with many other vaporizer designs. During use, make sure the airflow intake is not covered by your finger or other object.

Chuck Billy The Chief War Drum isolated airflow



Included in the package is stainless-steel concentrate Pod, which is easily inserted into the heating chamber to convert the War Drum from dry material to concentrate vaping. To use, simply drop a small amount of material (approximately breadcrumb size) onto the Pod’s screen, attach the mouthpiece, turn the War Drum onto the highest setting, wait for ~10 seconds after reaching temperature, then enjoy as you typically would.

CAUTION: The Pod is extremely hot after use. Please make sure to allow a minute or two for it to cool before attempting to remove it from the heating chamber.

Chuck Billy The Chief War Drum concentrate pod installed

Removable/Replaceable Battery

The War Drum is one of those rare products on the market, in this price range, that offers the ability to access the battery compartment. This is important in the rare instance that the battery becomes defective, for ease of serviceability. Additionally, it’s great to have this option when you need the War Drum operational for more than one battery charge can support, simply by having a few extra spare batteries with you, which easily pop in when you need.

Chuck Billy The Chief War Drum replaceable battery


Carry Case

To protect your valuable investment, we’ve designed a custom carry case for the War Drum and its’ accessories. Inside, you’ll find individualized compartments for each of the accessories, including a sturdy strap for holding the War Drum safely in place while you’re on the go. To keep the War Drum protected from unwanted access, a small lock can be attached to the two hooks that come together when the zipper is in the closed position.


Additional information

Weight 12 oz

Regular, Cosmetic

Package Contents

1 – The Chief "War Drum" 2-in-1 Vaporizer
1 – Soft-fabric Carry Case
1 – Wax/Concentrate Pod
1 – Pop-top Storage Container
1 – USB Charging Cable
5 – Replacement Filter Screens
1 – Packing Tool
1 – Cleaning Brush
1 – User Manual
1 – Chuck Billy Collector's Card

Product Packaging

As a company concerned about the environment, we have transitioned to a lean packaging model, which effectively means we've completely removed all foam, inner boxing, and any other material that you would typically throw-away upon receiving the product. In no way have we compromised the quality of our shipping method. We hope that you feel as strongly about the environment, and that you don't mind having less packaging to throw-away.

Product Warranty

The Chief products are warrantied, from the date of purchase, for a period of six (6) months for workmanship.

26 reviews

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Image #1 from Michael James Mason
Image #1 from Michael James Mason

Michael James Mason

Works as well as my Mighty vaporizer but smaller and more portable

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Image #1 from Michael James Mason
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  1. I love this and now own 2 with backup batteries. I use it daily. I have EVERYONE try it. Most have never heard of a dry vape. I sing its praises!! Love it!!

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  2. Excellent

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  3. excellent device there’s nothing bad I can say about this vaporizer.

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  4. I have ordered many times from lord Vape pens. The war drum is my favorite.

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  5. Works like a charm

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