New Stuff

Lord Vaper is constantly finding new and interesting products to bring into the store. Below is a few highlights of some of the new products.


Along with the wide assortment of Delta-8 products, we’ve added the uplifting and energizing Delta-10 cartridges. If you’re into gummies, you’ll enjoy the dispensary-grade Delta-9 gummies in a variety of flavors.


The Live Resin THCA 5g disposables hit hard, last a long time, and are incredibly priced so you can give the new formulations a try!


If you’re looking for a delicious gummy with high-potency, then check out the THCA Live Sugar gummies. The infusion of Live Sugar not only makes them the best tasting gummy on the market, but it also enhances the “entourage” effect, which effectively up-levels the potency of the THCA, THCP, Delta-9 and Delta-8 formulation.


In collaboration with Delta Extrax, the Blackcraft THCA + Delta-9P disposables have one of the most potent cannabinoid combinations and will hit you hard – they will not disappoint!


In need of a dab? The new THCA badder and diamond dabs are 96% THCA! When heated, it converts into Delta-9 and will hit you like a Delta-9 dab from the dispensary, but at 1/2 the price!

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