Order/Shipping Policy

We work to process and dispatch orders generally the same day within 1 business day. In rare cases, some conditions beyond our control may affect shipments due to order volume, product availability, and other conditions. In that event, we will immediately notify you by email to inform you of the delay.

Order Cancellation Policy

Since we make every effort to ship orders as soon as they’re received, there are times when it’s impossible to stop the order from being processed and shipped. Should you need to cancel the order, we suggest that you immediately connect with us using the Contact menu, or calling us at 669-230-1334 and select “Sales.” If you’re asked to leave a message, please clearly state your order number, your name, and that you want to cancel the order. Upon receipt of the message, the order will be cancelled (if it hasn’t already been packaged and shipped), and you’ll receive an email confirmation of the cancellation.

NOTE: Once an order has been processed and shipped, there is no way to cancel the order. Should you want to return the package, you’ll be responsible for the cost of shipping back to our office.

Discreet packaging

All packaging, whether bubbler mailer envelope or standard brown box, will not display any branding or other information that may disclose the nature of the enclosed contents.

Shipping Choices

Domestic (US)

We offer FREE domestic shipping on all orders $30 or more. This method of shipping typically takes 4-7 days to arrive after the order ships.

On the Checkout page, we also offer additional options with a variety of delivery methods to choose from. Estimated delivery dates are displayed for informational purposes, only, and are not to be deemed guaranteed delivery dates.

IMPORTANT: Delivery dates stated by the Shipping Carriers are not guaranteed by Lord Vaper. Once we deliver your package to the chosen Shipping Carrier, any delays in delivery is beyond our control, so Lord Vaper will not be liable for refunding paid shipping costs to the customer.


Lord Vaper does not assume responsibility or liability for packages that are not delivered. If Route shipping insurance is chosen during Checkout, lost package claims can be made directly with them if done so within 30 days of the last tracking update on the shipping carrier tracking website. Route does not support claims when a package is detained in Customs.

Customs and Duty

The Customer is responsible for any customs, duty and clearance entry fees that may be applicable on items bought from this website and shipped to their international location. Since each of the 195 countries in the world have their own import policies, it’s not possible for Lord Vaper Pens to maintain current import policy and taxes information. So, it is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure they’re aware of the additional import cost for their particular location. IMPORTANT: Lord Vaper Pens is also not responsible for packages that are retained in Customs for any reason. Should you decide not to assume the risk, we encourage you to not create an order.

Tracking a package

When an order is placed, our system will send a thank you email. NOTE: this is only possible when you provide an accurate email address. Once your order is processed and shipped, a 2nd email will be sent confirming shipment and tracking information. If you don’t receive our emails, please check your SPAM folder, since your email service may filter our emails into the SPAM folder. If you selected the “Route” shipping protection during Checkout, then you will receive an email directly from them with additional tracking information.

NOTE: We also suggest providing a phone number so the courier may contact you if they need to, especially for International orders. Oftentimes, when a signature is required or entry to a building is needed, the courier may attempt to call your contact phone number.

Shipment Tracking

The shipment tracking system is not always updated in a timely manner on their website. On the day of shipment, the tracking information may not be updated until late in the evening. On the day of delivery, there are times when the tracking website indicates that the package has been delivered, yet you may not physically receive it for a day or two later. In this case, please be patient before attempting to contact Lord Vaper.


Regardless of the shipping method chosen for the order, the responsibility for the purchased goods passes to the buyer when the shipper records “DELIVERED” in their respective tracking information. By default, the Route Shipping Insurance service is selected in the Shipping Options screen during Checkout. This service guarantees recovery of your order in case of theft, damage, lost in transit, etc. In cases where the shipper has recorded “DELIVERED,” and the package can not be located, the first course of action is for the buyer to contact neighbors, search the property. If the package can not be found, the buyer must then file a claim within fifteen (15) days with Route. If Route Shipping Insurance is declined during Checkout, then the buyer assumes full responsibility for theft, loss, etc., after the shipper records “DELIVERED” in their respective tracking information.

Lost Packages

Shipping Carrier tracking shows “Delivered”

Once the package is delivered to the chosen Shipping Carrier, and the Shipping Carrier’s tracking information indicates that delivery has occurred, Lord Vaper is not responsible for packages that can’t be found (e.g., package theft, errors by the Shipping Carrier, etc.). After completing a search of the property, asking neighbors, etc., if you have a suspicion that theft has occurred, you should immediately file a Police report. With many areas now covered by cameras, it’s possible that someone in the area may have captured the theft. In the case of theft, neither Lord Vaper or the Shipping Carrier will be liable for reimbursement or re-shipment.

Route Shipping Protection

If you selected the “Route” shipping protection during Checkout, your order is 100% guaranteed from loss or theft! In this case, please refer to the email sent to you directly by Route (on the day we shipped your package). This email contains a link to their website where you can file a claim. IMPORTANT DATES: You must file a claim with Route within 15 days of the last tracking update for US shipments, and 30 days for International shipments.

Package Sent To The Wrong Address

If a package is sent to the wrong address, and the incorrect address was provided online during the order process, then the customer is responsible for all costs associated with re-shipping the item. We will promptly re-ship the order once the original package has been returned to us (but this process sometimes takes the Shipping Carrier 1-2 weeks). So please, when ordering, make sure your shipping address is accurate, as making any mistake could significantly delay the delivery.

Reporting Issues Upon Receiving A Package

The buyer must check the goods immediately upon delivery and contact the seller if there are any problems with the goods. The buyer must notify the seller within 3 days of delivery to ensure prompt attention and resolution. A picture of the package and contents will be required by the seller to assist in determining the appropriate resolution.

Thank you for choosing Lord Vaper Pens!