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The EVRI vaporizer, by Dip Devices, is the coolest, 3-in-1 multi-function device for consuming any type of oil or concentrate that you so desire! It does it all! The core of the EVRI design is its interchangeable battery (comes in Black, Red, Orange, Ocean Blue or Forest Green) that connects magnetically to continuously evolving attachments. The set of attachments in the starter pack are: 1) the Vapor Tip for dipping directly into your favorite concentrates container; and 2) a 510 thread/Pod attachment, which has a 510 threaded socket on one end to connect any 510 thread cartridge, and the other end has a standard receptacle for JUUL-compatible e-juice pods. The convenience of having it all in this compact and portable solution is a must have for anyone that enjoys the diversity of oils and concentrates.

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Forest GreenForest Green
Ocean BlueOcean Blue

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Dip Devices Evri Starter Pack in red + Dip Devices Evri Vapor Tip attachment for dipping and dabbing concentrates + Dip Devices Evri Quartz Crystal attachment for consuming concentrates
Price for both: $74.77


Dipstick Evri Starter Pack sitting on the table

The EVRI vaporizer is a multi-functional consumption solution, designed around a common module: an interchangeable battery. The vision of the future, as Dip Devices sees it, is that as consumption options evolve over time, new attachments will be needed, and can be easily designed and added to the EVRI’s portfolio of choices. With the battery remaining as a separate component, not only will it never become obsolete, but it will reduce the cost, and complexity of the new consumption modules. So, with a purchase of the EVRI vaporizer starter kit, you’ll be making an investment in the future, one that you’ll be sure to enjoy as the new options become available!

Product Features

  • Compact, versatile design that allows quick switching to any one of three consumption choices
  • Innovative, replaceable Vapor Tip Atomizer for dipping into your favorite concentrate jar
  • Vapor Tip Atomizer is designed with a ceramic tip, and an instant-heat nichrome coil center
  • Variable voltage control: Blue-2.6V, Green-3.4V, Red-3.8V
  • User-friendly single button operation
  • Auto-off after three minutes safety feature
  • Automatically stops heating after fifteen seconds of continuous use to avoid overheating
  • 925mAh battery capacity


Getting To Know The EVRI

Vapor Tip

It doesn’t get any more convenient than having the ability to quickly dip-your-tip into a yummy container of your favorite wax, shatter, or other concentrate. It’s so easy to use. Simply turn on power, open your concentrate container, position the Vapor Tip so that it’s just touching the surface of your concentrate, then press and hold the power button while inhaling.

510 Thread Oil Cartridges

For enjoying your favorite oil cartridge, whether it be THC or CBD, simply screw it into the standard 510 socket and you’re ready to go!

Pod Cartridges

With so many JUUL-compatible Pods on the market, it’s so convenient to have a receptacle available when you want to consume your e-juice flavor of the day.

Quartz Crystal Dual-coil Atomizer

Add a dabbing option to the EVRI battery with the dual-Quartz Crystal atomizer attachment. Check out the introduction video below to see how this new attachment easily adds another level of functionality to the EVRI.

Unboxing the EVRI Starter Pack

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Additional information

Additional information

Weight7 oz

Black, Forest Green, Ocean Blue, Orange, Red

Package Contents

1 – Dipstick Evri Battery
1 – Vapor Tip Attachment
1 – Attachment for 510 Cartridge and Pod
1 – USB Charging Cord

Product Warranty

Register your purchase at https://dipdevices.com/register within 30 days of purchase to enable a ninety (90) day warranty.

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2 reviews

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  1. Toby S. (verified owner)

    I love this thing! Best ever made! Its so versatile. And the 3 different heat settings for different moods or different people. I am exclusively using this now. And I dont see that changing anytime soon.

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  2. Alexandros Z. (verified owner)

    quick issue resolution, order delivered in no time even though overseas, even during Covid-lockdown

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