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ZOLO-B Box Mod THC Oil Cartridges CBD Oil Cartridges Vape Pen Battery ZOLO-B 510-thread oil cartridge battery offers ultimate protection and discretion for your oil cartridges - Black

ZOLO-B 510 Thread Oil Cartridge Battery


Get the ZOLO-B, a sophisticated, Zippo-like oil cartridge battery for your 510 thread cartridges and say hello to a suave look that also provides discretion and protection for them. It makes it easy to conceal and bring a cartridge with you when you want. The ZOLO-B’s ergonomic design feels wonderful in your hand – few batteries for oil cartridges boast such comfort. It’s also extremely sturdy, made of a strong zinc/metal alloy case, so you can safely drop it in your pocket, backpack or purse without fear. Its unique spring-loaded top protects your mouthpiece and oil cartridge from the elements, keeping them as sanitary as possible, too. The built-in OLED screen tells you everything you need to know, especially how much battery is left. Also check out the smaller ZOLO-S if you’re looking for a battery that’s even more compact. So, get hip and dump that unsafe, unsanitary pen battery – get a ZOLO-B today!

If you’re into CBD, or ready to give it a try, Lord Vaper Pens has just what you need – Premium CBD Oil Cartridges that you can drop into this cool ZOLO-B 510 Thread oil cartridge battery! Bundle together and you’ll taste the extra savings! Get some HERE!

American FlagAmerican Flag
American Flag Black Punish BadgeAmerican Flag Black Punish Badge
Anime StickerslapAnime Stickerslap
Black Carbon FiberBlack Carbon Fiber
Black Ops Grim ReaperBlack Ops Grim Reaper
Blood Spatter DexterBlood Spatter Dexter
Blue Carbon FiberBlue Carbon Fiber
Blue WaveBlue Wave
Colorful Weed LeavesColorful Weed Leaves
Cosmic GalaxyCosmic Galaxy
Cosmic RedCosmic Red
Dragon Snake SerpentDragon Snake Serpent
Dragons FireballDragons Fireball
Everything Will Be OkayEverything Will Be Okay
Fire Skull In FlamesFire Skull In Flames
Graffiti Street ArtGraffiti Street Art
Green Cartoon SlimeGreen Cartoon Slime
Green Pot LeavesGreen Pot Leaves
Grey Fire CloudsGrey Fire Clouds
Lord Darkness VaderLord Darkness Vader
Marble GraniteMarble Granite
Midnight BlueMidnight Blue
Neon Swirl GlassNeon Swirl Glass
Paisley AbstractPaisley Abstract
Purple Storm CloudsPurple Storm Clouds
Silver StreamSilver Stream
Sorry I Am Not PerfectSorry I Am Not Perfect
Speckled BlackSpeckled Black
Stab WoodStab Wood
The ChiefThe Chief
Trippy PsychedelicTrippy Psychedelic
Vector Digital GlassVector Digital Glass
Wavy BlackWavy Black
Zombie ApocalypseZombie Apocalypse

Add Extra Options and SAVE!

It Is Always Good To Have An Extra Magnetic Adapter, Or Refillable Oil Tank, Or a Wax Adapter Kit!

ZOLO-B Box Mod THC Oil Cartridges CBD Oil Cartridges Vape Pen Battery ZOLO-B 510-thread oil cartridge battery offers ultimate protection and discretion for your oil cartridges - Black + Vuber C2 Core 510 thread refillable oil cartridge in 1ml size + ZOLO-C extracts/concentrates atomizer vape kit + ZOLO-B oil cartridge battery 510 thread magnetic adapters
Price for all three:   $57.88


Why Choose The ZOLO-B Oil Cartridge Battery?

With 30 graphic designs to choose from, ranging from textured glossy black, to graffiti street art, you’re sure to find one that fits your personal style. Bring this cool, unique oil cartridge battery to a party, or show it off to your friends, and you’ll definitely be the center of attention! If you’d rather keep your consumption habits on the down-low, the ZOLO-B’s unique ergonomic shape helps to keep it totally discreet and concealed. With your oil cartridge completely hidden under the cover, no one will know what’s in your hand, or sitting on the table. Tired of going to take a hit, only to find nasty schmutz and gunk on the mouthpiece from your pocket, purse or backpack? That’ll be a problem of the past with a ZOLO-B, since your oil cartridge will stay safe, secure and clean under the cover. With so many benefits of the ZOLO-B, how can you not get one today!?


  • Unique, discreet design – zippo-like look and feel
  • High protection value for your cartridges and cleanliness of the mouthpiece
  • Adjustable voltage (3.0V, 3.4V, 3.8V) for most oil types
  • Fit most oil cartridges (even 1ml size), using one of three included magnetic adapters
  • Cartridge opening diameter/width is 0.44″ (11mm)
  • Digital screen (Battery Status, Voltage Selection, Resistance, and Preheat)
  • Built-in 650mAh battery
  • Preheat option (two clicks for automatic preheat)
  • Material: Zinc-alloy metal
  • Dimensions: 3.46″ (H) x 1.75″ (W) x 0.63″ (D)

Wax Atomizer Option

For the waxy concentrates enthusiasts, Lord Vaper brings you the ZOLO-C (see picture below), the latest in compact, ultra-affordable 510 thread wax atomizers. Designed to drop into the ZOLO-B like an oil cartridge, the ZOLO-C extends the usage of the ZOLO-B to give you an inexpensive way to enjoy some yummy concentrates. Included in the ZOLO-C kit are two wax atomizers: 1) a coil-less ceramic chamber (great for flavorful, smooth hits); and 2) a single-coil Silicon Carbide/Aludirome combination (great for those enjoying strong, big cloud hits). Click HERE for more details on the ZOLO-C Wax Atomizer.

Lord Vaper Pens ZOLO-B oil cartridge battery with ZOLO-C wax concentrate atomizer installed


Refillable Oil Tank Option

A revolutionary refillable tank, the Hermes 3 Atomizer utilizes a ceramic core, surrounded by 100% stainless steel, capable of vaporizing all types of oils, thick or thin. Engineered specifically for long-term use, and with the highest-quality medical-grade components, the Hermes 3 atomizer is the best investment you’ll make in yourself if you’re serious about oils. Combine a ZOLO-B with a Linx Hermes 3 Atomizer for an incredible oil vaporizing experience! Click HERE for more details on the Hermes 3 Atomizer.

Linx Hermes 3 empty refillable oil tank

The Vinyl Skin Collection

The ZOLO-B Vinyl Skin Collection is a set of 28 unique graphic designs, printed in super rich, vibrant colors on the highest-quality “Made in the USA” 3M vinyl matte lamination material. This skin is applied to all surfaces of the ZOLO-B to give it a great look, and add an extra layer of protection against minor scratches and dents. The skin leaves no sticky residue behind, and can be removed and replaced with a new design when you’re ready for a change. NOTE: We install the vinyl skin before shipping, so there’s no assembly required.


ZOLO-B oil cartridge battery and vape pen


Other Oil Cartridge Battery Choices

If the ZOLO-B 510 Thread Oil Cartridge battery isn’t what you’re looking for, check out Lord Vaper Pen’s many other choices HERE!

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 6.8 oz

American Flag, American Flag Black Punish Badge, Anime Stickerslap, Black, Black Carbon Fiber, Black Ops Grim Reaper, Black Stickerslap, Blood Spatter Dexter, Blue Carbon Fiber, Blue Wave, Colorful Weed Leaves, Cosmic Galaxy, Cosmic Red, Dragon Snake Serpent, Dragons Fireball, Everything Will Be Okay, Fire Skull In Flames, Graffiti Street Art, Green Cartoon Slime, Green Pot Leaves, Grey Fire Clouds, Lord Darkness Vader, Marble Granite, Midnight Blue, Neon Swirl Glass, Paisley Abstract, Peace, Purple Storm Clouds, Silver Stream, Skull, Skulls, Sorry I Am Not Perfect, Speckled Black, Stab Wood, The Chief, Trippy Psychedelic, Vector Digital Glass, Wavy Black, Zombie Apocalypse

Package Contents

1 – ZOLO-B Oil Cartridge Battery
1 – Short-length magnetic adapter (generally for 1.0ml cartridges)
1 – Medium-length magnetic adapter (generally for 0.5ml cartridges)
1 – Long-length magnetic adapter (generally for 0.5ml cartridges)
1 – USB charging cable
1 – User Manual

NOTE: Oil cartridges shown in pictures are sold separately.

Product Warranty

Six (6) months workmanship warranty from the date of purchase. Damage from misuse, leaks from oil cartridges, broken lid/top cover due to rough handling, etc., is not covered.

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