The Chief War Drum Pod Container

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If you’re the type of person that enjoys preparing at home for those spontaneous moments on-the-go, then these virtually-indestructible, smell-proof War Drum Pod Containers are made for you! Specifically-designed for The Chief War Drum 2-in-1 vaporizer, each container holds three (3) stainless-steel Pods (included) that you fill with your favorite ground material (should be relatively fine grind and packed fairly tight to the top). When ready to use, remove one Pod from the container, drop it into War Drum’s heating chamber, replace the mouthpiece, and you’re ready to go. It doesn’t get any simpler or more convenient than that!

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After finishing your session, the Pod will be extremely hot, and will burn you if not properly handled. We recommend that you either wait one minute for the Pod to cool after turning off the vaporizer, or carefully remove the Pod by turning the vaporizer upside-down with the mouthpiece removed, allowing the Pod to gently fall onto a heat-proof surface.  Lord Vaper and Chuck Billy assume no responsibility for any injury or damage caused by not following these instructions.


Additional information

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Package Contents

1 – The Chief War Drum Pod Container
3 – Dry Herb Pods

Product Warranty

The Chief War Drum Pod Containers are warrantied for workmanship for a period of one-year from the date of purchase. Any use other than the intended usage will cause the warranty to be voided.

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