Cipher Stealth Cartridge Battery

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No more broken cartridges or dirty contaminated mouthpieces! The Cipher Stealth is our 2nd-generation oil cartridge battery (replacing the ZOLO-B and ZOLO-S) that includes every feature that you’ve asked for over the years! And, we’ve got 55+ designs that you can see HERE. The sleek zippo-like design is discreet and provides maximum protection for your valuable oil cartridge. Stealth is super easy to use – it’s always on and draw-activated, so just flick the cover open and hit it, it’s that simple! For a supercharged blast of vapor, just press the button while inhaling. Stealth also takes the guesswork out of knowing what voltage to use. The Smart Cart Detection feature senses your cartridge and sets the optimal voltage automatically (so you don’t have to). A crisp LCD displays everything you need to know, including battery level, voltage setting, and more.

Not only is Stealth available in an elegant matte black finish, but Cipher prints over 200 cool designs! The matte black model, and a small sample of 55+ designs are available for purchase at Lord Vaper, or click HERE to purchase one or more of the 200 designs on our Cipher brand site (use coupon LVP10 to get 10% off). If you still don’t see anything that you like, send us one or two of your favorite photos and we’ll personalize one just for you! See the ‘Personalized Printing’ section (toward bottom of this page below Additional Information) for more details. With so many designs to choose from, the only problem will be which Stealth to pick! Your valuable cartridge deserves a safe and clean place to live – get a Stealth today!


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Custom Printing

Custom Printing

If you'd like to personalize a Stealth, select the Carbon Black color and then drop 1-2 images here.

  • Image Upload * $5.00

    If uploading two images, add "left" to the file name of image for printing on Stealth's side with hinge at the left, and "right" for the image to print on side with hinge at the right.Max file size: 5 MBPermitted file types: jpg jpeg jpe png gif

  • Customer Notes *

    Describe additional instructions/details you want us to know, if any.

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Add Extra Options and SAVE $!

Add Extra Adapters Or A Wax Adapter Kit To Enjoy Your Concentrates!

Cipher Stealth vape cartridge battery with White Zebra design + Cipher Stealth magnetic adapter set + ZOLO-C extracts/concentrates atomizer vape kit
Price for all three: $67.40

Bring this cool, unique cartridge vaporizer to a party, or show it off to your friends, and you’ll definitely be the center of attention! If you’d rather keep your consumption habits on the down-low, the Stealth’s unique ergonomic shape helps to keep it totally discreet and concealed. And, for discreet consuming in the dark, clicking the button four times enables ‘stealth’ mode so the LCD and LED won’t illuminate while you’re inhaling. Stealth mode is perfect for concerts, nighttime events, or any time you want to discreetly consume in the dark!

Cipher Stealth oil cartridge battery highlight


With your oil cartridge completely hidden under the cover, no one will know what’s in your hand, or sitting on the table. And, it fits great in your pocket, you won’t even know you have it, until you want it! Tired of going to take a hit, only to find nasty stuff on the mouthpiece from your pocket, purse or backpack? That’ll be a problem of the past with a Stealth, since your oil cartridge will stay safe, secure and clean under the cover.

Product Demonstration

The UV Graphics Image Collection

To fit with your personal style, click HERE to check out over 55 designs here on the Lord Vaper website. If you don’t see anything that fits your style, Cipher has over 200 unique graphic designs to choose from. Click HERE to purchase one of the beautiful designs on our Cipher brand website. The Cipher Stealth is designed to be UV printed on both sides using the latest commercial UV printing technology. The images are super rich and vibrant, and coated with a layer of clear gloss to provide protection from general wear-and-tear.

NOTE: All graphics are printed in our office in the US upon order (on demand), so please allow 1-2 days for order processing.



Smart Cart Detection: Senses your cartridge and automatically selects the optimal voltage (so you don’t have to!)

Power Mode: Five button clicks to turn on/off. When turned on, Stealth stays on so you can use it instantly!

Operation Type: Draw-activated or button press (for a turbocharged blast of vapor!). For the rare top airflow type oil cartridge, pressing the button to produce vapor is required.

Voltage Settings: Four adjustable voltages: 2.8V, 3.0V, 3.5V, 3.7V

Stealth Mode: Disable LED/LCD from illuminating for discreet use in the dark

Digital LCD Screen: Battery level %, voltage setting, cartridge resistance, session timer.

Preheat: 10 seconds activated by two button clicks

Cartridge Length: Fits most cartridges (length must be < 2.6″ / 66mm) using one of two included magnetic adapters

Cartridge Opening: Cartridge opening diameter/width is 0.47″ (12mm)

Charging Time: <1 hour (USB Type-C fast charging)

Material: Aluminum-alloy metal

Dimensions: 3.27″ x 1.77″ x 0.7″ (83mm x 45mm x 18mm)

Weight: 3.35oz (95g)


The Stealth LCD Screen

Equipped with a beautiful LCD screen, you’ll have constant visual status of the battery charge level, the resistance reading of your cartridge, the current voltage selection, and the session timer (i.e., the length in time of your last draw/inhale). Any time the button is pressed, a cartridge is installed, or you inhale from the cartridge, the LCD will automatically turn on, and will stay on for ten (10) seconds. The LCD screen will also display error messages any time the Stealth detects something that you need to know. The image below shows the LCD screen layout.

Cipher Stealth LCD details

Wax Atomizer Option

For the waxy concentrates enthusiasts, Lord Vaper brings you the ZOLO-C (see picture below), the latest in compact, ultra-affordable 510 thread wax atomizers. Designed to drop into the Cipher Stealth like an oil cartridge, the ZOLO-C extends the usage of the Stealth to give you an inexpensive way to enjoy some yummy concentrates. Included in the ZOLO-C kit are two wax atomizers: 1) a coil-less ceramic chamber (great for flavorful, smooth hits); and 2) a single-coil Silicon Carbide/Aludirome combination (great for those enjoying strong, big cloud hits). Click HERE for more details on the ZOLO-C Wax Atomizer.

ZOLO-C wax atomizer vape pen kitCipher Stealth with ZOLO-C wax atomizer vape pen kit installed

Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Package Contents

1x – Stealth Cartridge Vaporizer
1x – Short magnetic adapter (1ml cartridges)
1x – Long magnetic adapter (0.5ml cartridges)
1x – USB Type-C Charging Cable
1x – User Manual

NOTE: Oil cartridges shown in pictures are not included.

Product Warranty

Cipher will warranty Stealth for a period of one (1) year to be free of defects in materials and workmanship under normal use from the date of purchase. All warranty claims require registration of the product and submission of proof of purchase. The warranty only applies to the original purchaser and is non-transferrable.

The warranty does not apply when damage occurs due to the device being dropped, abused, submerged in liquid, altered, affected by a natural disaster, or misused in any way. The warranty does not extend to cosmetic marks, dents, chips, scratches, etc. Normal performance degradation of the battery life is not covered by the warranty.


Abstract Explosion, Ace Of Spades, Ain't Getting Any, America Land Of The Free, Bad Boy 2, Black Leaves, Carbon Black, Circuit Board, Classic Vet, Colorful Love, Colorful Purple Hearts, Colorful Space Jellyfish, Colorful Walk In The Park, Colorful Windy Day, Crazy Clowns, Crazy Shapes, Creepy Smile, Dagger In The Heart, Dazed And Confused, Distressed Flag Of Canada, Distressed Flag Of UK, Distressed Silver Frame, Distressed Skulls, Flag Of Australia, Flag Of USA, Ghouls Are Coming, Granny Loves You, Green Laser Fractals, Grim Reaper, Happy Alien, Heaven Awaits Me, Jimi Tokin, Martian Middle Finger, Neon Swirl, Only God Can Judge Me, Paris In Fall, Pink Zebra, Psychedelic 60s, Pure Evil, Purple Storm Clouds, Rasta Lion, Rising Up, She's Got Ya, Smokin Doobie With Love, Sorry I Am Not Perfect, Sweet But Psycho, Swirly Tie Dye, Taming The Dragon, The Last Cig, Trust No One, Vintage Gold Floral, Weed 2, White Zebra, Yin Yang Dragons, Flag Of Canada, Monster Chaos, 60's Love, Pink Lady

Personalized Printing

How cool would it be to have one or two of your favorite pictures (e.g., pet, spouse, trip, etc.) printed on your Stealth?! Or, personalize one as a unique gift for that someone special. We can do it for you with our in-house custom printing service. For a small extra fee, we’ll customize your Stealth with either the same image on both sides ($5 fee), or two images with one on each side ($10 fee).


– The same image can be printed on both sides, or two images can be printed with one on each side.
– We accept images in either portrait (taller format) or landscape (wider format) orientation. Refer to sample pics below to see how images will be printed.
– The image(s) should be high-resolution to produce the best quality result.
– The images can’t be copyrighted, you must own the rights to the images.
– The images must not contain or show any unlawful or prohibited activities.



Once you approve the mockup, and we print and ship the order, the personalized Stealth is considered non-returnable, non-refundable. The warranty still applies to manufacturing defects. Cipher will not be responsible, nor liable, for any issues that may arise from the use of the uploaded image(s).


Follow these steps when using a computer to shop:

  1. Select the “Carbon Black” color option.
  2. Drop one or two images into the “Drop files here to upload” field. If one image is uploaded, it’s assumed that you want it printed on both sides. If two images are uploaded, make sure to add “Left” and “Right” to the file names so that we know which side to print on.
  3. Add the Stealth to the Shopping Cart and proceed with completing the order.

Approving image(s)

After receiving your order, we’ll process the images(s), create a mockup, and then email it to you for approval. Once the mockup is approved, your order will be processed and shipped within 2-3 business days.




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Image #1 from Cristi


I love my new battery.

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Image #2 from Johnny


Well made, cool functions. Been using for a about a week. No complaints so far.

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I wrote a glowing and detailed review but when I left the screen to take a picture of the device the page refreshed and wiped out my writing, so this is all you get now. Device is perfect.

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Image #1 from Cristi
Image #2 from Johnny
Image #3 from Anonymous
  1. Works great!

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  2. It’s the best battery I’ve had easy to use n doesn’t look like a regular battery

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  3. Awesome vape

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  4. I love my new battery.

    Image #1 from Cristi
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  5. Device is brilliant! Just what I needed. Super stealthy and keeps my mouthpiece nice and clean. I like that kicking sound when you open it reminds me of zippo. Very very cool mod!

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