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Delta 8 THC vape cartridge category

With so many delicious Delta 8 THC vape cartridge choices, below is a list of our inventory categorized by cannabis type: 1) Sativa generally a ‘head-high’ that’s uplifting, motivating for daytime; and 2) Indica a more ‘body-high’ that’s relaxing, pain relieving and great for nighttime. Within each cannabis type, each strain is listed with its potential effects and flavor profile. NOTE: We’re not able to state absolute results or ailments that each strain could treat. Since each individual has a unique physiology, one strain may help alleviate certain symptoms, while it may have no effect on someone else. Therefore, it generally takes a little trial-and-error to find the most effective strain(s) for you personally.

HHC (Hexahydrocannabinol)

HHC is a new legal category that is hemp-derived, Made In The USA, and 100% natural. HHC metabolizes in your body similar to Delta 9 THC, with almost the same effects and benefits, but without the negative side-effects. Users report intense mind/body buzz and many other desirable effects.

  • Blue Widow -> Sativa-dominant hybrid for daytime use. Effects: Uplifting, energizing, motivating, calming
  • Cali Gold -> Hybrid for anytime use. Effects: Calming, energy, upbeat/good vibes
  • Cherry Pie -> Indica-dominant hybrid for daytime/evening use. Effects: Focus, mind-expanding, relaxing, calming
  • Hawaiian Sunrise -> Sativa for daytime use. Effects: Uplifting, energizing, happy, social
  • Lucid Blue -> Sativa for daytime use. Effects: Uplifting, focused, lucid, motivating
  • Sunset Sherbert -> Indica for evening/nighttime use. Effects: Calming, relaxing, euphoric

Delta-8 Enriched With THCv/Delta 9/Delta 10

Delta Effex has crafted two focused blends with an incredible lineup of cannabinoids (THCv, Delta 8, Delta 9, Delta 10, CBG, CBN), creating a full-spectrum product that’ll give the term ‘entourage effect’ a whole new meaning! THCv (tetrahydrocannabivarin) is one of the ~100 cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, and can be mildly psychoactive (i.e., a little stony). Anecdotal evidence suggests that THCv can be helpful improving motivation, alertness, and producing a euphoric, energized feeling. 

  • Unwind -> Indica blend for nighttime use (sedating, relaxing, calming). Flavor: hints of grape, berries, with a skunky aroma.
  • Uplift -> Sativa blend for daytime use (uplifting, energizing, euphoric). Flavor: fruity orange citrus and peach.

Delta-8 Enriched With THCP

THCP is one of the ~100+ cannabinoids occurring naturally in the cannabis plant. The big news about THCP is that it binds to more CB1 receptors (found mostly in the brain) than Delta-9 THC, creating a far more intense experience (i.e., psychoactive). Delta Effex has infused THCP into two new Delta-8 cartridges, creating well-balanced day time strains with full-body effects.

  • Mai Tai -> Sativa for daytime use. Flavor: Fruity flavor (just like drinking a Mai Tai)
  • Sunset Sherbet -> Hybrid for any time use. Flavor: Sweet berry, candy-like blend.

Delta-8 Enriched With THC-O

THC-O is derived from the hemp plant, and exhibits roughly a 3x more potent effect than Delta-9 THC. Delta Effex has infused THC-O into two new Delta-8 cartridges, creating two heavy-hitting Indica-style strains for nighttime use.

  • GSC -> Indica-dominant Hybrid for evening/nighttime use. Flavor: Citrus, mint, sweet cherry
  • Berry Gelato -> Indica for evening/nighttime use. Flavor: Sweet berries, citrus, hint of spices

Focused Blends

The 3Chi Focused Blends give a more tailored effect than the regular strain-specific Delta-8/terpenes combination. Also, with a more balanced ratio of Delta-8 to cannabinoids and terpenes, the Focused Blends are more therapeutic  (“entourage effect”) than ‘knock your socks off” type results.

  • Happy – Designed to give a more upbeat, heady, and happy experience.
  • Focus – Designed to give a more focused and energized experience.
  • Calm – Designed to give a more calm and relaxed experience.
  • Soothe – Designed to give a soothing and relaxed experience.


  • Ekto Kooler -> Effects: Invigorating/Focus/Clarity/Happy, Flavor: Bright and citrusy with essence of fuel
  • Green Crack -> Effects: Focus/Clarity/Motivating, Flavor: Sweet citrus with an earthiness
  • OG Kush -> Effects: Uplifting/Motivating/Clarity, Flavor: Earthy notes of pine and wood
  • Pineapple Express -> Effects: Uplifting/Motivating, Flavor: Sweet tropical blend with cedar and pineapple tones
  • SFV OG -> Effects: Creative/Euphoria/Focus/Happy/Relaxing, Flavor: Lemon/Pine/Skunky/Sweet
  • Snowman -> Effects: Cerebral/Creative/Euphoria/Relaxing/Uplifting, Flavor: Diesel/Herbal/Spicy/Sweet/Vanilla
  • Strawberry Cough -> Effects: Happy/Creative/Focused/Relaxed/Talkative/Uplifted, Flavor: Sweet, fresh strawberry

Sativa Dominant Hybrid

  • Blue Dream -> Effects: Focus/Clarity/Uplifting/Motivating, Flavor: Sweet berry
  • Caribbean Dream -> Effects: Relaxing/Uplifting, Flavor: Cedar with mango and passionfruit tones
  • Clementine -> Effects: Energetic/Euphoric/Happy/Relaxed/Uplifted, Flavor: Sweet and citrusy with an earthy finish
  • Incredible Hulk -> Effects: Focus/Clarity/Motivating/Uplifting, Flavor: Earthy citrus flavor with and tones of pine tree
  • Jack Herer -> Effects: Uplifting/Soothing, Flavor: Earthy flavor with pine tree notes
  • Lemon Fuel -> Effects: Creative/Energetic/Euphoric/Happy/Relaxed/Uplifted
  • Melonatta -> Effects: Energizing/Euphoria/Focus/Happy/Hungry/Relaxing/Uplifting, Flavor: Citrus/Sweet/Fruity
  • Mimosa -> Effects: Energetic/Focus/Happy/Relaxing/Uplifted, Flavor: Citrus/Fruity/Sour/Sweet
  • Sour Tangie -> Effects: Creative/Energetic/Euphoric/Happy/Uplifted, Flavor: Bold, Sour Citrus
  • Super Lemon Haze -> Effects: Creative/Energetic/Euphoric/Happy/Uplifted, Flavor: Citrus, Lemon, Sweet, Tart, Zesty
  • Tangie -> Effects: Clarity/Motivating, Flavor: Earthy with Citrus and Sweetness


  • Banana Candy Kush -> Effects: Relaxing/Euphoric/Uplifting/Body buzz, Flavor: Sweet fruity banana and candy
  • Banana Runtz -> Effects: Euphoric/Uplifting/Balanced, Flavor: Sweet/Sugary/Ripe Banana
  • Cherry Pie -> Effects: Balanced/Focused/Mind-expanding, Flavor: Tart and fruity, candied cherries
  • Cali-O -> Effects: Calm/Cerebral/Creativity/Euphoric/Focus/Relaxing/Uplifted, Flavor: Citrus/Orange/Skunky/Sweet
  • Cali Orange Kush -> Effects: Clear-headed/Euphoric/Focus/Creative/Uplifted, Flavor: Sweet citrusy orange
  • Gary Payton -> Effects: Social/Creative/Energizing/Euphoria/Focus/Giggly, Flavor: Diesel/Herbal/Spicy/Sweet
  • Golden Ticket -> Effects: Creative/Euphoric/Happy/Relaxing/Uplifted, Flavor: Lemon/Lime/Sour/Sweet/Tangy
  • Guava Jam -> Effects: Creative/Focus/Relaxing/Talkative/Uplifted, Flavor: Berries/Guava
  • Lemon Crush -> Effects: Creative/Focus/Happy/Relaxing/Uplifted, Flavor: Chocolate/Citrus/Vanilla
  • Pancakes -> Effects: Aroused/Creative/Euphoria/Focus/Happy/Relaxing/Sociable, Flavor: Sweet/Buttery/Maple/Berry
  • Pineapple OG -> Effects: Energetic/Euphoric/Happy/Relaxing/Sociable, Flavor: Diesel/Pineapple/Tropical

Indica Dominant Hybrid

  • Blackberry Kush -> Effects: Creative/Happy/Hungry/Relaxing/Sedated/Sleepy, Flavor: Berry/Diesel/Sweet
  • Gelato -> Effects: Relaxing/Calming/Creative, Flavor: Sweet berry-like flavor with a touch of creaminess
  • Gelato 41 -> Effects: Creative/Euphoria/Focus/Happy/Relaxing, Flavor: Berry/Citrus/Lavender/Sweet/Woody
  • Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) -> Effects: Uplifting/Calming/Clarity/Relaxing, Flavor: Sweet, earthy and spicy with hints of pine
  • Ice Cream Cake -> Effects: Body High/Hungry/Relaxing/Sleepy/Uplifting, Flavor: Cheesy/Creamy/Nutty/Sweet
  • Lemon Gelato -> Effects: Energetic/Euphoria/Happy/Relaxing/Uplifting, Flavor: Citrus/Lemon/Sweet
  • London Pound Cake -> Effects: Calming/Creative/Focus/Relaxing/Uplifting, Flavor: Berry/Fruity/Pine/Sweet
  • Orange Cookies -> Effects: Cerebral/Euphoria/Happy/Mellow/Relaxing, Flavor: Citrus/Fruity/Lemon/Orange/Sweet/Tangy/Tropical
  • Orange Cream -> Effects: Euphoric/Happy/Relaxing/Tingly/Uplifted, Flavor: Citrus/Sour/Sweet
  • Pineapple Cake -> Effects: Euphoria/Happy/Relaxing/Uplifting, Flavor: Citrus/Fruity/Nutty/Sour/Sweet
  • Sunset Sherbet -> Effects: Happy/Relaxing, Flavor: Creamy/Fruity/Nutty/Sweet
  • Super Charger -> Effects: Cerebral/Creative/Euphoria/Focus/Giggly/Uplifting, Flavor: Flowery/Herbal/Spicy/Woody
  • Watermelon Candy Kush -> Effects: Relaxing/Happy/Sedative, Flavor: Fruity watermelon with essence of grape
  • Wedding Cake -> Effects: Relaxing/Calming/Euphoric, Flavor: Rich, tangy and creamy
  • Wifi OG -> Effects: Cerebral/Uplifting/Focus/Creative, Flavor: Earthy/Sour


  • Berry Gelato -> Effects: Cerebral/Relaxing/Sedative, Flavor: Sweet berries/Citrus/Spices
  • Berry White -> Effects: Cerebral/Creative/Euphoria/Happy, Flavor: Berry/Blueberry/Pine/Spicy/Sweet
  • Blue Candy Kush -> Effects: Relaxing/Uplifting mental high, Flavor: Tart berry
  • Blueberry -> Effects: Calming/Relaxing/Sedating/Euphoric, Flavor: Sweet Blueberry
  • Garlic Jam -> Effects: Relaxing/Sedating, Flavor: Earthy, Garlic, Spicy, Sweet
  • God’s Gift -> Effects: Euphoric/Happy/Relaxed/Sleepy/Uplifted, Flavor: Berry/Citrus/Grape/Hash/Lemon
  • Granddaddy Pluto -> Effects: Cerebral/Euphoria/Relaxing/Tingly/Uplifting, Flavor: Pine/Spice/Lemon/Berry
  • Granddaddy Purple -> Effects: Relaxing/Soothing, Flavor: Sweet, floral and earthy
  • Grenadine -> Effects: Cerebral/Relaxing/Uplifting, Flavor: Cherry/Fruity/Herbal/Nutty/Spicy/Sweet
  • Guava Purp -> Effects: Relaxing/Calm/Euphoria, Flavor: Tropical fruity with undertones of herbs and grapes
  • King Louie XIII -> Effects: Relaxing/Sleepy, Flavor: Pine/Earthy
  • Northern Lights -> Effects: Euphoric/Happy/Relaxed/Sleepy/Uplifting, Flavor: Spicy, Sweet
  • Pink Rozay -> Effects: Cerebral/Euphoria/Relaxing/Tingly/Uplifting, Flavor: Berry/Flowery/Fruity/Strawberry/Sweet
  • Purple Punch -> Effects: Relaxing/Soothing, Flavor: Grape with earthy, smoky notes and a hint of pepper
  • Razzberry Kush -> Effects: Relaxing/Calming/Sedative, Flavor: Fruity, berries, creamy earthy, spicy
  • Skywalker OG -> Effects: Relaxing/Calming/Sedative, Flavor: Spicy herbal and diesel aroma
  • Strawberry Napalm -> Effects: Soothing/Calming, Flavor: A diesel flavor with strawberry tones
  • Strawnana -> Effects: Uplifting/Relaxing/Sedating/Creative/Happy, Flavor: Sweet fruity strawberry flavor with hints of banana
  • Terpin Gorilla -> Effects: Relaxing/Sedating/Happy, Flavor: Sweet grape, earthy, funky diesel
  • Watermelon Zkittles -> Effects: Relaxing/Happy/Sedative, Flavor: Scrumptiously citrusy, fruity watermelon

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