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Vuber C2 Core Cartridge | Refillable

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The Vuber C2 Core technology, a patent-pending glass filtering system with quartz heating, only allowing vapor through, ensuring the most flavorful vape. The Core oil cartridge line is one of the first ground-up cartridges designed in the USA. The C2 oil cartridge utilizes Vuber’s patent-pending microporous, quartz filtering and heating system, glass tubing and ceramic mouthpiece. No plastic anywhere! What’s it all mean? It means you’ll consistently get the cleanest and tastiest vaporization of your precious oil until the very last drop! If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line refillable oil cartridge, with better technical characteristics and flavor profile than CCELL, the Vuber C2 Core oil cartridge is the one you want!

We’ve got some delicious CBD Terpenes Vape Oil in 30ml bottles that pair great with this premium-quality refillable oil cartridge. Combine the two for extra savings!

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Technical Characteristics of the Core C2 Quartz Heating Oil Cartridge

  • Wide range of use – the Core C2 was designed for all ranges of viscosity.
  • Fantastic flavor – glass tube, quartz heating element, and ceramic mouthpiece combine to achieve optimal flavor profile.
  • Maintains quality of your oil – the unique Core quartz element will not degrade after multiple uses, so you’ll get the same great taste from the first use to the last use of the cartridge.
  • Reduced leaking and clogging – quartz filter acts as a barrier, significantly reducing leaking and clogging.
  • Will not burn out at high voltages/temperatures.

The standard 510 thread connection means these Core C2 quartz heating oil cartridges can be used with any oil cartridge battery in the Lord Vaper collection that you can buy HERE. Bundle and save!

Make filling easy with a set of Linx Nector Needles that adapt to any glass syringe.

Linx Vapor nector needle set for filling Hermes 3 atomizer without syringe

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Weight 3 oz

0.5ml, 1.0ml

Package Contents

1 – Vuber C2 Core Quartz Oil Cartridge with Ceramic mouthpiece

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  2. SnarffSnarff (verified owner)

    I have less clogging than with the CCELL TH2 that are my most common cart. I like to use both.

    C2 gives good taste from your vaping material. When paired with the Vuber Pulse batt you will have the best results. It’s not just marketing BS. The Pulse actually does vary the volts (or watts if you prefer to think of it that way) based on the resistance of the cart, which changes over time. Even if you don’t have a Pulse batt, this is a good cart to use with or without magnetic connector rings. Tested: Youcan Uni, CCELL Palm. AVD Seed may have a width issue with the 0.5ml C2 but I think the 1.0ml is closer to 10mm width.

    Caution: Do Not Drop or Store improperly.(Same goes for CCELL they just fail a bit differently)
    If you drop these carts or allow them to lay flat when full, they will leak.
    I have had the carts fail when not stored upright and I have had them fail when dropped.
    When dropped the cart may look fine but the atomizer may have shattered. The cart then clogs, roasts the material while activating, and if you keep pulling you will turn the cart into a straw and suck the vaping material into your mouth. Now you know. Try to avoid. There are methods to extract at least some of the vaping material from a busted cart. Google up on those skills.

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