The Original PowerHitter™

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The Original PowerHitter™ will change the way you smoke a joint or pre-roll forever! No waste, no germs, just a constant stream of deliciousness! It’s a throwback to the ’70’s when the PowerHitter™ was first invented. Now, it’s been revitalized for the 21st-century with all new and modern materials to create the next generation of an ultimate smoking device. Simply insert a lit smoke into the backside of the mouthpiece, screw onto the bottle, cover the air hole, and squeeze while inhaling. You’re going to enjoy a steady stream of delicious, concentrated smoke. And, since no smoke is escaping the bottle, you’ll get to enjoy every millimeter of material without losing a bit! So, don’t lip it – just grip it and rip it! Get one or more today!


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The Original PowerHitter™ – What’s it all about?!


No more wasting your material!

If you only knew how much precious herb goes up in smoke, and not into your lungs… Well, the solution is the PowerHitter™, which captures 100% of the smoke in the bottle, which means the smoke is only going one place: into your lungs! And, you can smoke every last millimeter of your joint or pre-roll without having to worry about a roach clip.

Avoid the burn holes!

If you enjoy smoking in bed, or on the couch, then the Original PowerHitter™ is for you! Since the PowerHitter™ keeps the lit joint completely enclosed in the burn-proof bottle, you won’t have to worry about ashes or hot embers falling and causing burns.

It’s a “no germs” way of smoking!

The Original PowerHitter™ blasts a steady stream of smoke directly into your mouth without having to make contact with the mouthpiece. Even when Covid is gone, it’ll still be the best way of smoking without passing germs…

The best part – share with friends!

Not only is the PowerHitter™ the most sanitary way of sharing, the design is virtually unbreakable, so you can toss it, pass it, float it, or however you need to share it. It brings new meaning to “puff, puff, pass!”


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