Pulsar APX VOLT V3 Wax Vaporizer

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The Pulsar APX Volt variable voltage wax vaporizer utilizes a coil-less quartz cup to produce the best flavor from your concentrates. Taste the Terpenes! Having the ability to select between four voltage settings, allows you to vape at low temperature for great flavor, or crank-it-up for intense, big clouds! Also, the Pulsar Volt is small enough that you can easily conceal it in the palm of your hand, and have a quick, discrete session at your convenience. The coil-less quartz cup is easy to access, simply pop the borosilicate mouthpiece off, and you’re ready to load! And, it’s ready to hit within seconds, making the Pulsar Volt wax vaporizer a great choice for someone looking for a quick and simple concentrates vaporizer.

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NOTE: Wood Grain, Tie Dye and Silver colors are V2 models.

Cold SilverCold Silver
Melting MushroomsMelting Mushrooms
Psychedelic DesertPsychedelic Desert
Tie DyeTie Dye
Wood GrainWood Grain
Zion LionZion Lion

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Pulsar APX Volt wax vaporizer kit in cold silver + Pulsar APX Volt V3 replacement coil-less quartz cup atomizer + Pulsar APX VOLT replacement quartz coil-less atomizer + Pulsar dab tool kit in stainless steel + Pulsar APX Wax replacement glass mouthpiece + Pulsar APX Wax and Volt water bubbler with bent mouthpiece + Pulsar APX Wax and Volt water bubbler straight 4" attachment
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  • Pure quartz coil-less cup (see Atomizer Options section below for other choices)
  • Voltage settings: 2.5V, 2.8V, 3.2V, 3.7V
  • Enhanced LED display  (V3 models)
  • 2-click hands-free Power Mode (V3 models)
  • Ready to use within five (5) seconds of powering-on
  • Temperature indicator: “P” logo is Red when heating, and Green when ready
  • 1100mAh Lithium battery (V3 model uses USB-C)
  • Dimensions:  2.1″ (H) x 1.2″ (W) x .86″ (D)
  • Typical charge time: 1.5hrs

How it Works

The Pulsar APX Volt vaporizer is very simple to use, making it an excellent choice for anyone wanting to consume concentrates without the hassle of a complicated setup. With the ability to select between four voltage settings, you’ll be able to experiment and find the right setting for you. There’s no right or wrong voltage setting, but generally a lower voltage will produce a very flavorful, cooler vapor, while a higher voltage will produce a large, intense cloud of vapor.

Power is turned-on with a typical five clicks of the power button. At this point, the Pulsar APX Volt vaporizer is ready to operate. If you haven’t already, load the desired amount of concentrate into the coil-less quartz cup. It’s recommended to start with a small breadcrumb size piece, and then adjust accordingly as you go, based on your personal preference. After loading the cup with concentrate, replace the mouthpiece, then press and hold the power button to activate the quartz cup, which will start melting of the concentrate. Within a few seconds, the concentrate should be melted, and have started vaporizing. Release the power button, and carefully inhale the desired amount of vapor, and repeat until all vapor has been removed from inside the mouthpiece. For more information, refer to the User Manual after purchase.

Water Bubbler Attachment

Enjoy cool, clean hits with one of Pulsar’s bubbler attachments. For a comfortable mouth fit like hitting a bong, check out the Pulsar APX Wax and Volt Water Bubbler Attachment | Bent. For a straight-forward, more portable bubbler option, check out the Pulsar APX Wax and Volt Bubbler Attachment | 4″ Straight. Both bubblers feature durable borosilicate glass and a water percolation chamber – turning the APX Wax vaporizer into a powerful portable rig! Add one or more to your order and SAVE EXTRA $!

Pulsar APX Wax and Volt water bubblers - with bent mouthpiece and 4" straight


Atomizer Options

The Pulsar APX Volt includes one coil-less quartz atomizer in the package. However, two other atomizers are interchangeable, and can be used with the Volt. Below is the characteristics of each atomizer:

  1. Coil-less Quartz: Dab at lower temps, producing superior flavor.
  2. Triple Quartz: Triple the surface area means bigger rips.
  3. Barb Coil: Dual ribbon twist Kanthal wrapped quartz coil, super-fast heating producing big clouds.

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Pulsar APX coil-less quartz atomizerPulsar APX triple quartz coil atomizerPulsar APX barb coil atomizer


After finishing each session, it’s recommended to do a quick burn-off of residual concentrate on the coils (to avoid buildup of material that will eventually affect flavor). This is done by first removing the mouthpiece and turning-on power, then hold the power button for five seconds, allowing any remaining concentrate to burn-off. If you still see residual concentrate, this process can be repeated. You can also clean any of the parts using 91% Isopropyl Alcohol (available at most drug stores). Dip a Q-tip into the alcohol, then gently rub around the inside of the cup. You can also soak the borosilicate mouthpiece in the 91% alcohol for 15-20 minutes, followed by a rinse in warm water, then let air dry. Before using any of the parts after cleaning, it’s recommended to power the Pulsar APX Volt vaporizer on, and hold the power button for five seconds to burn-off any residual alcohol.


Other Concentrate Vaporizer Choices

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Additional information

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Product Contents

1 – Pulsar APX Volt Vaporizer
1 – Quartz Coil-less Cup
1 – Borosilicate Glass Mouthpiece
1 – 32mm Silicone Wax Container
1 – USB Charging Cable
1 – Wax Tool


Black, Cold Silver, Emerald, Melting Mushrooms, Mrow, Psychedelic Desert, Silver, Tie Dye, Wood Grain, Zion Lion

Product Warranty

Pulsar APX Volt is guaranteed from manufacturer defects or malfunction from the original date of purchase for a period of one (1) year. For warranty servicing, please contact Pulsar at: http://www.pulsarvaporizers.com.

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17 reviews

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  1. Chris W. (verified owner)

    Quick charging, powerful little unit. Easy to clean, replaceable parts, works like a charm. In hand it has a good weight and it a little bigger than a standard Bic lighter. Easy way to blast off!

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  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Works as designed but is a little confusing at first.

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  3. Anonymous (verified owner)


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  4. Paul (verified owner)

    Excellent design

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  5. Ryan (verified owner)

    The quartz atomizer and separate bubbler are awesome(5). The mod is very small. It works well, however the power life is a little short for me.(3)

    1 out of 1 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?

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