Rohlas CBD Smokes with a blended combination of CBD flower and smokable herbs

Rohlas are the latest craze in alternative, therapeutic herbal smokes. The CBD flower is ethically sourced hemp grown in Southern Oregon by expert farmers using sustainable agricultural practices. Each Rohlas smoke is a special blend of the CBD flower and smokable herbs that are certified Organic. When paired with other carefully selected smokable herbs, the affects of each compound are enhanced, creating a more purposeful smoking experience. The result is an herbal smoke with delicious, satisfying flavor, and a unique therapeutic effect for pleasure and relief. And, they contain < 0.3% THC, so they’re non-psychoactive!

What Can I Expect From Each Color?

Red is designed to help promote relaxation, a sense of happiness and pleasure, creativity, euphoria, in addition to potential as an aphrodisiac.

Yellow is designed to help promote a sense of inner peace, wellness in body and mind, and a comfortably relaxed state that may lead to a desire to release a little sexual tension.

Blue is designed to help promote relaxation, reduce stress, and assist as a sedative to promote sleep. Users also report benefit in reducing tobacco cravings.

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