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Enjoy the sweet taste and smell of flower? We have premium dry herb vaporizers in all shapes, size, prices and types waiting for you!

Convenient, concealable, no fuss - a unique selection of premium, discreet, pocket-size 510 thread oil cartridge and Pod batteries.

If you like to concentrate, we can help with that! Shop our excellent selection of vaporizers for consuming any variety of extracts.

A premium selection of non-psychoactive CBD flower. Enjoy with one of our premium dry herb vaporizers.

Looking for convenience? Our 'clean' CBD oil cartridges, bundled with one of our batteries, is a perfect solution!

We've rolled-up some premium CBD flower into a convenient way to smoke it.

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Chuck Billy's "The Chief of Thrash"

Check out Testament's lead vocalist Chuck Billy's collection of 420 products and awesome merchandise!

Exclusively at Lord Vaper - Chuck Billy, lead vocalist of the legendary band Testament,
is proud to offer his “The Chief Signature Series” line of cannabis consumption products,
and a Thrash Metal-influenced merchandise line, “The Chief of Thrash!” collection.
Each product is stylized depicting Chuck’s Native American heritage, with a slight Thrash Metal twist…

Dream Catcher

Oil Cartridge Battery

Discreet, zippo-like oil cartridge battery that'll keep your valuable cartridge protected, clean, and looking good in Chuck's Thrash Metal style! Works with virtually all 510 thread oil cartridges!

War Drum

Dry Herb Vaporizer

You'll love this full-featured dry herb vaporizer, with its easy-off magnetic mouthpiece, its five optimized temperature settings, and its huge 3200mAh battery that make it built for battle!


Dry Herb Pipe

You've dreamed about a pipe like this! The built-in lighter makes it wind-proof, and the interchangeable pods make it easy to preload so you're always ready when the need arises. Don't leave home without it!

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